Steel City Inclusive Softball Association
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Thursday Nights - Competitive Division

This is a division for those of you who want to run your fastest, hit your furthest and throw your hardest. This division will be a part of SCISA - but - it will have a slightly different flavour than our Sunday Fundays. 

Everyone is invited to join this division - whether you want to flex your competitive muscle, or look to build your skills against more experienced and skilled players. The coaches will field their best lineups and defenders - while spending more time on player development to get you to your best.

To make this happen, we’ll have smaller teams, dedicated practices, and have players in positions that they are best suited for.

As the newest member of NAGAAA, one of the most exciting prospects is to be a part of the World Series -  the annual event that brings the best queer softball teams from North America to one place to compete for their city. With this new division, we’re looking to build a team that can go and represent the Steel City - and maybe one day host a World Series in Hamilton!

Please note:

  • Playing in this division would have no impact on your ability to play on Sundays
  • We are aiming to make this division have identical rules to the Sunday league 
  • We are likely to make this league happen on Thursday nights with a slightly earlier start to the season than Sundays, but ending the end of August

Thursdays will cost $80, irrespective of if you have joined on Sundays. You will need to fill out a registration form to sign up for our Thursday division, as well as the Sunday division.